Who can file a False Claims Act?

Who can file a False Claims Act?

False denunciation consequences

The purpose of this Legislative Decree is to establish procedures and mechanisms to facilitate and encourage reports made in good faith of acts of corruption and to punish reports made in bad faith.

3.1 This Legislative Decree is applicable to all entities described in Article I of the Preliminary Title of Law No. 27444, General Administrative Procedure Law, with the exception of those contained in Section 8 thereof, which take the pertinent actions to implement the provisions of this Legislative Decree.

4.4 Complaint: It is a verbal, written or virtual communication, individual or collective, that reports an act of corruption that may be investigated in administrative and/or criminal proceedings. Its processing is free of charge. The attention of the complaint constitutes an act of internal administration in administrative proceedings. Its presentation in criminal proceedings does not entail the participation of the complainant as a procedural party, except in relation to the qualification or filing of the complaint, as provided for in Article 334 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, approved by Legislative Decree No. 957.

What happens if I file a false report?

A false denunciation framed in a legal process is a crime consisting of imputing illicit facts to some person with knowledge of the falsity of the same and absolute disregard for the truth before the judicial or administrative official who has the duty to proceed to its investigation.

What happens if someone reports me without evidence?

The fact that the complaint has been admitted for processing without evidence does not mean that the facts are accredited. Probably, given the lack of evidence as you have mentioned, if in the end a hearing is held, the judge will dismiss it, so you should not worry.

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What is false accusation and false denunciation?

– (FALSE ACCUSATION AND DENUNCIATION). Whoever knowingly accuses or denounces as perpetrator or participant of a crime of public action a person who did not commit it, giving rise to the initiation of the corresponding criminal process, shall be punished with deprivation of liberty from one to three years.


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Which article is the false report?

Section 109: The slander or false imputation to a specific natural person of the commission of a concrete and circumstantial crime that gives rise to public action, shall be punished with a fine of three thousand pesos ($ 3,000).

What is the police report?

The denunciation constitutes a notitia criminis that reveals the possible commission of a criminal act. It can be formulated either verbally or in writing before a court, the public prosecutor’s office or police officers.

What happens if I report a person?

When police officers or civil guards receive a complaint, they are obliged to investigate the facts reported. Obviously, the seriousness of the facts will determine whether the accused will be immediately arrested or, in less serious cases, summoned to testify after a few days.

How to prove a false accusation

Many people have committed the crime of false accusation against someone, believing that in this way they can take an innocent person to jail, but when the lie is proven in court, it is the accuser who ends up paying a sentence for his punishable act. The crime of false accusation imposes an unfair suffering for the victim, who in addition to paying lawyers to defend himself against the false accusation, his reputation usually ends up on the floor, even if he manages to prove his innocence. It is also unfair for a court to hear a false accusation when there are many real crimes to solve, that is why the crime of false accusation is a punishable act condemned by the Colombian Penal Code.

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But before explaining what is the crime of false denunciation in Colombia, it is necessary to know what a denunciation is, what the filing of a denunciation entails, the differences between denunciation, complaint and lawsuit, as well as the penalties, aggravating and mitigating factors for the crime of false denunciation.

The crime of false denunciation consists of reporting the alleged commission of a crime that was never committed, that is to say, that the denunciation is a lie. The crime of false denunciation can be for the alleged commission of a crime that did not occur, for the false accusation against someone even for accusing oneself of having committed a crime that never took place.

How can I find out if I have been reported?

That said, the best way to find out if someone has sued you is to be served personally and by a clerk. If this is your case, you should seek legal advice immediately to respond to the notice as soon as possible.

What is bearing false witness?

False testimony is a criminal activity that occurs when a subject misrepresents the truth in his or her statements to a judicial authority. Depending on the legal regime of each country, statements made before other authorities may also be included.

What does Article 167 say?

“Article 167.

The general laws on health, kidnapping and trafficking in persons shall establish the assumptions that merit official preventive imprisonment. The law in matters of organized crime will establish the assumptions that merit official pre-trial detention.

Example of false denunciation

ContentBy means of the denunciation, persons inform or bring to the attention of the Attorney General’s Office, certain facts that constitute a crime and that must be investigated in order to be subsequently brought to the attention of a judge, thus, from the presentation of the denunciation, the criminal action begins, and therefore the obligation to verify the existence of the fact and the persons responsible for it.

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Regulations – Law 906 of 2004 “Code of Criminal Procedure”, articles 66, 67, 68 and 69 which refer to the ownership and requirements of the criminal action, i.e. the denunciation and the complaint; article 74 on the crimes that require a complaint.