When did SERPS end?

When did SERPS end?


Paid ads are positioned at the top of the search engine page and a maximum of four ads can be displayed. In the case of a highly competitive term, it is also possible to find a block of AdWords ads at the bottom of the page.

The organic results, on the other hand, are positioned just below the paid ads and are presented in a list of ten links. The pages that appear in this space are those that the search engine considers most relevant in relation to a term. In this sense, the SEO strategy of the brand is decisive to reach the top positions. Trust our Digital Marketing agency and we will get your customers to find you.

What is serp in marketing

How many times have you heard “improve your position in the SERPs”? Surely many times if you are interested in SEO positioning. But… what is SERPS? What is the meaning and origin of this abbreviation? If you want to know, I’ll tell you in this article.

Paid SERPs are results that appear due to Adwords bids and for which you have to pay a certain amount. The list of results that appears depends on the amount paid, the keyword searched and other factors that fall within the SEM.

The important thing is to know what your priority is, your objective and to get to appear in the SERPS in the first positions for it. To do this remember that you have to know how to make a correct choice of your keywords, as this is vital no matter which system you use.

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Now that you know all the ways to get there, you have to take the step and try all the ones that suit you. And if you try to coordinate several at the same time, all the better, since one of the best ways to get traffic from a search engine is to get as many results as possible on the first page.

Here are some results

Maybe you’ve seen our article about the main tools to check SERP volatility and you didn’t know much about it. That’s why in this post we are going to explain what the SERP is and we are going to help you understand how it affects important metrics such as CTR or organic traffic.

When we talk about SEO focused on SERPs we refer to the optimization process by which we try to get our website to occupy the highest position within the first page of the SERPs, to improve our CTR and organic traffic.

They also developed knowledge graphs, which provide basic and relevant information about any content, modifying this information depending on the content in question.

Serp semrush

FAQ rich snippets can anticipate a searcher’s questions and expand to display answers pulled from your website. The obvious benefit here is that you have complete control over the answers that are displayed.

If you want to improve the click-through rate on a recipe page, you can give people an idea of how the dish is prepared. Rich snippets in recipes can include additional information such as preparation time, calories and images.

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Featured snippets are blocks of information that will often be displayed above the organic results. They aim to satisfy a user’s intent directly on the results page (SERP) and are usually sourced directly from a web page.

These snippets generally appear when a user searches for a list of steps on how to do something, or a ranked list of items. They are taken from sites that have marked up numbered lists with the relevant HTML code.