What is an example of consortium?

Consortiums in peru examples

The term consortium has different definitions. One of them defines the concept of consortium as an association of economic character in which a number of companies are involved, whose objective is to develop an activity together through the creation of a new company.

Finally, another definition that defines the meaning of consortium is the association of legal entities or group individuals that are sponsored by a management company, whose purpose is to provide its members with the acquisition of goods using the self-financing method.

It is called export consortium to the alliance that is made voluntarily between companies with the purpose of promoting the services and goods of the individuals that are part of the enzymes abroad, they are also in charge of making easier the export of the products through joint actions.

The export consortium can be considered as a formal means of medium to long term strategic cooperation that takes place between companies and can be used to provide specialized services, all with the purpose of facilitating access to foreign markets.

What is the objective of the consortium?

The term consortium, which has several meanings in the economic world, is a type of association of several companies that intend to promote a common activity. … One of the main objectives of the consortium is to form a powerful entity that raises its monopoly capacity of the productive sector.

What does the word consortium mean?

When we speak of a consortium, we refer to the association between two (2) or more natural and/or legal persons, national and/or foreign, that, by virtue of the criterion of complementarity of resources, capacities and aptitudes, decide to participate in a contracting process and eventually contract with the State.

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How is a consortium created?

A consortium is formed when there are several persons or companies interested in negotiating with state entities that, through bids, offer the opportunity to contract with the State for the development of large-scale works.

Examples of pooling

A consortium is also an agreement whereby shareholders of independent companies agree to surrender control of their shares in exchange for consortium certificates entitling them to share in the common profits of the consortium. The participants in the syndicate are called members of the syndicate. Examples of consortia are the W3C, Airbus (at the time of its creation in 1970) and to some extent the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

Consortia emerged as a perfect modality of economic association in Brazil in the sixties of the last century and have been modernized and transformed over time. A fundamental contribution in this sense has been made by the ABAC foundation (Brazilian Association of Consortium Administrators). Although scholars of the subject such as Mazzuchini (2005, p.13) find antecedents in Brazil in 1900 with the so-called “Clube de Mercadorias”, later regularized in 1917 and improvements in 1950 with Japanese immigrants.[1] In Argentina, a consortium of property owners has been established in the form of a “Clube de Mercadorias”.

In Argentina, a consortium of owners is the meeting or grouping of the Co-owners, i.e. those persons who are owners of a property subject to the horizontal property regime. That is to say that the consortium is a person of ideal existence, a legal person different from the members that form it. Represented by a registered administrator.

What is a consortium and why is it formed?

According to the Peruvian General Corporations Law (“LGS”), the Consortium is a contract by which two or more natural or legal persons, national and/or foreign, associate to participate actively and directly in a specific business with the purpose of obtaining an economic benefit, each one maintaining its own economic …

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What are the characteristics of a consortium?


They are withholding agents. It is an associative contract. It regulates participation or integration relations in one or more businesses undertaken jointly by the members of the consortium, in the common interest of all of them.

What is a homeowners’ consortium?

The consortium of owners is the meeting or grouping of the Co-owners, that is to say, those persons who are the owners of a property subject to the horizontal property regime.

Types of consortium

The consortium is also a vehicle used in a totally private framework, i.e. outside of government contracts. Thus, it is common for business groups to call for private bids to acquire goods or services in which it is possible to participate through a consortium.

Thus, through the consortium, companies may complement their activities, develop synergies, as well as offer competitive advantages and economies of scale within the framework of the fulfillment of their contractual obligations.

Likewise, Peruvian law leaves a wide freedom to the parties to configure the clauses governing the consortium, i.e. the rights and obligations that each consortium member undertakes to perform, the regime of their contributions, the percentages of participation, the distribution of profits or assumption of losses, among other relevant aspects for the consortium members.

In the event that the consortium is awarded with the awarding of the Good Pro, it will be necessary for the consortium members to execute the “Formal Consortium Promise” through the “Consortium Contract”.

What is the abbreviation for the word consortium?

CCS: Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations and Acronyms.

What does the word “power” mean?

Power is a concept that derives from the Latin term potestas. The notion allows to name the command, the superiority, the empire and the authority that someone has over another person or over something …. This means that the law enables an individual or an organism to do something thanks to the power in question.

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What documents are needed to create a consortium?

Regarding how to create a consortium or temporary union, since they do not constitute a legal entity, and since there is no special rule that contemplates a special formality for their conformation or constitution, they are constituted by means of a private document or minutes that all the parties must sign.

What is a consortium of owners

A consortium is the union of several entities that, sharing common objectives, decide to ally themselves in a joint strategy. It is not a merger of companies; rather, each entity maintains its independence but adopts a framework of relationships with a shared purpose.

The consortium as a strategic modality is applicable to any type of sector, whether related to tourism, industry, commerce, insurance or other activities. Consortia generally involve the creation of a new legal organization, usually a partnership.

In the union represented by the consortium, no individual entity loses its legal personality (e.g., two companies that are joint stock companies creating a consortium will remain independent joint stock companies).