What are the four most common types of transactions?

Types of financial transactions examples

Among the different types of databases that exist, we find transactional databases; these databases have become one of the key pieces for any type of company or organization. In this post we will explain what transactional databases are and we will see their main characteristics.

Transactional databases are databases whose purpose is to send and receive data at high speed. They are generally intended for the quality analysis environment, production and industrial data, and their main purpose is to secure transactions within a relational database or, in case they cannot be secured, to roll them back, so that they prevent transactions from being incomplete, i.e., either the transaction is performed or nothing happens (it returns to the original state).

They are fast and operate with very low latency, allowing data to be replicated or retrieved from storage in a very short time, which facilitates real-time monitoring operations. In addition, they minimize the risk of data loss due to system failures.

What are the economic transactions?

An economic transaction is considered to be any exchange of goods, services or resources carried out by two or more natural and/or legal persons.

What types of banking transactions are performed today?

The most common are utility payments, check cashing, deposits, credit, debit and prepaid card issuance, checkbook issuance, mortgage loans and auto loans.

What does the debit and credit cards allow the customer to do?

These cards only allow you to withdraw the money you have in your account. … Credit cards work like a line of credit or loan; the bank lends you the money so you can make the desired purchases and then you must reimburse the bank for the expense.

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What types of transactions exist

When we talk about e-commerce, terms such as B2B or B2C appear. But what do these acronyms mean and what do they imply? These terms tell us who are the actors providing the service and to whom they are directed. In other words, what is the e-commerce business model. To understand the different types of e-commerce it is necessary to know the different actors that can take part in the process.

One of the most common types of e-commerce is B2C. This refers to business-to-private commerce. In this case, companies offer their services or products through the web. Some examples are Amazon, Carrefour, MediaMarkt, etc.

As its name suggests, B2B is business-to-business transactions. It is one of the most common types of e-commerce. In Business-to-Business we find that the selling party usually offers its services in one of three ways:

When establishing a customer-to-customer business relationship we speak of C2C. The case of eBay or Wallapop are examples of tools that allow the establishment of Consumer-to-Consumer relationships. It is the individuals themselves who offer their products and set a price, and it is other individuals who purchase these goods.

What is the best Internet payment system?

One of the most used options internationally in online stores is the payment method through PayPal, being currently the most popular option. This company allows you to move money as quickly as possible, saving you the inconvenience of traditional transfers.

What are cash transactions?

Cash transactions shall be understood as all those transactions that in the ordinary course of business involve the delivery or receipt of cash in banknotes or Colombian or foreign legal currency.

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Where are economic transactions recorded?

The balance of payments is an accounting document that systematically records the set of economic transactions of a country with the rest of the world during a given period, generally one year.

Commercial transactions examples

A commercial transaction is a business transaction involving two parties. In this transaction, a seller agrees with a buyer to transfer ownership of something, either a good or a service. In return, this transfer is effected by payment, previously agreed between the two parties, from the buyer to the seller.

Millions of commercial transactions take place on a daily basis around the world. The continuous contact between buyers and sellers, as well as the boom in trade on the planet, have led to an intensification in the volume of transactions we carry out on a daily basis.

In addition to these four elements, a commercial transaction can involve more agents. In other words, one commercial transaction often involves more commercial transactions than any other. From transportation to the very insurance agency that might guarantee the payment of the good when transferring ownership, these are independent commercial transactions that, in turn, integrate the same final commercial transaction.

What is a sample financial transaction?

In accounting, a transaction is considered a financial transaction only if it involves only money rather than a purchase in which money is exchanged for a good or service. Examples of this type of financial transaction include borrowing money and depositing money in a checking or savings account.

How to know who is the holder of a bank account?

The same organization has made available to account holders a website where they can find out the name of a card holder: www.banxico.org.mx/cep. All you have to do is enter the requested data and that’s it!

How long does it take for a transfer to arrive from one bank to another?

Although under the latest Payment Services Act ordinary transfers are paid within 24 business hours at the latest, you may find that you need to make an urgent transfer from one account to another so that the money is received on the same day of the transfer.

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Types of banking transactions

In this article we are going to review the types of merchants that exist in the world of online sales, from the most common ones, to some that you may have never heard of. We will also give examples of each one, to understand them a little better.

Electronic commerce or e-commerce (a word that comes from electronic commerce). This refers to commercial transactions carried out entirely online. From the customer’s choice of product to the completion of the order, the entire process must be carried out by digital means.

In addition to the purchasing processes, e-commerce is mainly based on the dissemination and promotion of products or services – since both can be sold online – through digital marketing. Therefore, this part of customer attraction is also usually done through the Internet.

While it is true that they are usually recognized in four major types of commerce: B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C (we will review them one by one later), technological advances have helped internet sales to reach more and more industries. This expansion has resulted in the emergence of new types of e-commerce.