What are examples of liability coverages?

What are examples of liability coverages?

Civil liability for damages to third parties

– Remember that if you travel in Mexico City and on federal roads, as well as in other states, you are obliged to have an automobile insurance policy. – Remember that there are Standard Basic Insurances that offer you a greater coverage.

However, in the market we can find the Standardized Basic Insurance, with which users comply with the requirements of the Law of Roads, Bridges and Federal Transportation as well as the Federal District Transit Regulations, and which have a greater coverage, at a not so onerous cost.

We can also observe that the Quálitas insurance has a cost of 431 pesos, while the AXA Basic Standardized insurance is 671 pesos, that is, for 240 pesos more per year (less than 1 peso per day) we can greatly improve the coverage of our car.

Domestic Liability

This is the Contract whereby the Insurer undertakes to indemnify, on behalf of the Insured, a third party affected as a consequence of an event occurring during the term of the policy, as a direct result of the Insured’s activities or business and in respect of which the Insured is declared civilly liable in accordance with Art. 1969 and/or 1970 of the Civil Code:

20/10/2021The Credit Insurance seeks to protect companies from the risk of non-payment of credits granted to their clients, both in the domestic market, as well as in the foreign market. This risk is the probability of a loss occurring due to the non-payment of sales to the client….

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11/08/2021Following our commitment with the empowerment of women and in alliance with our allies Mujeres Empresarias, last August 5th we started the cycle of digital meetings for entrepreneurs “Pyme Mujer, Oportunidades y Desafíos en la Era Post…

In compliance with the provisions of the Central Government, we will be implementing teleworking, in order to ensure the normal functioning of our services and the continuity of our operations.

What does liability insurance cover

Have you ever wondered what civil liability is when you want to take out an insurance policy? You may have a rough idea of what it entails, but you may not know everything that this coverage covers.

Obviously, the sums that you may have to pay for civil liability can be very high. That is why this coverage is included in insurance policies. However, depending on the policy in question, its characteristics will be different.

Liability insurance spain

Civil Liability Policy for security companies: This policy is valid for up to 60 months and covers the improper use of firearms, marksmanship errors, canine means and other security means.

We know that the responsibility of a health professional with his patient and his relatives takes time, that is why our coverage system will allow you to have peace of mind within the terms of prescription.

They depend on the product, usually the policies derived from contract do not contemplate renewals, only extensions and increases. While General Liability and Medical Liability policies usually have annual renewable terms at the request of the insured. Automatic renewal will be a particular condition.

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Both items are calculated based on the possible loss according to the underwriting analysis so the deductible will be the same per event/permaturity since it is applicable to the exposure of the coverage granted Vs the insured risk.

At the time of payment the value of the deductible is calculated by applying the agreed percentage on the value of the loss or by taking the agreed minimum value (which may be in salaries or in fixed sum), whichever is greater.