Should I accept the first offer from an insurance company?

Should I accept the first offer from an insurance company?

What to do if the insurance wants to pay less

If the price of your car insurance has been increased, you can also go directly to our comparator by clicking on the button on the right. After filling in a simple form, you will have access to the offer of more than 30 insurance companies. In addition, during the process you will have the help of our advisors and, if you contract with us, we guarantee you the best price in the market. Enter and compare.

One of the first reasons for the increase of the car insurance is the fact of having reported the accident. We are referring to the fact of having appealed to our insurer in the event of a claim, regardless of its nature.

However, several factors come into play here, such as the seriousness of the claim, among others. In other words, a report of an accident involving third parties and injuries will not be the same as a report of a scrape against a pillar in a parking lot. The former is more serious for the insurer and, therefore, involves a greater financial outlay.

In any case, there are already many that use Pay As You Drive mechanisms, which calculate the premium based on how we drive (they install a monitoring device in the vehicle). Perhaps the most recommendable option.

Insurance reconsideration

As its own name indicates, this offer must be motivated, that is to say, it must explain the origin of the amount offered, through the reports and data on which the insurer has based itself to elaborate such offer.

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It is also important that the reasoned offer states that the receipt of the payment of the amount offered is not conditioned to the waiver by the injured party of the exercise of future actions.

In order for it to be valid, the reasoned offer must be presented in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Civil Liability and Insurance in the Circulation of Motor Vehicles in force. To this end, it must comply with the requirements indicated above.

Because of this, in order to determine that the reasoned offer is appropriate, it is vital to handle all related information including the aforementioned indicators, as well as the details contemplated in the final medical report and other related documents.

The regular procedure is for the injured party or parties to file a claim for indemnity with the corresponding insurance company. From that moment on, a period of three months begins to run for the presentation of the reasoned offer.

What to do when the insurance company does not respond

Unfortunately, insurance companies often manipulate the language of their contracts. They use persuasion techniques to minimize or deny our claims. These companies tend to protect their profits by avoiding having to pay what is due. They offer less money to victims. Therefore, it is important that after a car accident we ask ourselves…. Is the insurance company doing what they promised? Are they offering me coverage as they should?

Don’t make the mistake of responding urgently or aggressively to the first offer after realizing that the insurance company wants to pay too little. We understand that you need the money to get back on your feet after a car accident. But, it is important that you maintain a professional relationship with your insurer. The initial offer you have been made is only a starting point to begin a negotiation. Therefore, it is not advisable to accept the first offer. You have every right to recover as you deserve after the physical and emotional injuries you have sustained.

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Claim reconsideration

In order to claim compensation for an accident it is important to know when to accept such compensation, when to negotiate and when to go to court, it is more than advisable to go to one of our expert lawyers.

It is more than advisable that you go to one of our lawyers, because it is necessary to take into account different circumstances that can have a determining weight when negotiating and that must be taken into account.

It is necessary to be careful because hunger and the desire to eat cannot be combined, that is to say, with respect to the time and to obtain a compensation without carrying out the due procedures are not suitable conditions to accede that the correct compensation is paid to us. It is necessary to be patient.

Here it is important to have one of our expert lawyers since having one or not having one changes substantially the conditions of the negotiations. If we do not have a lawyer, we will be offered a figure of compensation much lower than the real one. Having one of our expert lawyers will offer us an important indemnity but, even so, it will probably be necessary to continue negotiating.

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