How long is cavity wall insulation Guarantee for?

How long is cavity wall insulation Guarantee for?

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skip to main content ” Heating Name Key characteristics Liquid The most common. Used for thermal insulation of various structures, for repairs. Fills cracks and voids. Can be cooked in place. Granular (thermovata) It is made by crushing the polymer into fractions of 10-15 mm. Economical during installation. The volume of penoizole in granules is 2 times greater than the amount of laminated polymer obtained during production. They fill the cavities between the walls when laying the floor. Sheet Insulation is poured into a special form, cut when ready, dried and further processed. It is mounted on the outside of the walls of houses, fixed with dowels. It can also be laid on the floor (between the joists).Indicators and advantages of penoizol.

What is the best brick to build with?

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One of the by-products that I did not expect to find when improving the thermal insulation of the house, was the improvement of the thermal comfort. I give an example that will help to illustrate it better: In the double bedroom we had two identical clocks, each one with a thermometer. The clock on the small table next to the facade was 0.5°C lower in winter than the one on the table on the other side of the bed. As soon as the walls of the facade were insulated by blowing rock wool, the two clocks began to read the same temperature, improving the thermal sensation on that side of the bed.

Another big difference was that when I sprayed rock wool mortar to insulate the roof of the parking garage, the floor increased in temperature during the winter. I work long hours sitting at the computer, and in winter I had to wear the same footwear as if I were going outside, because if I wore slippers, the cold would go up my feet and leave my body freezing.

Moisture in wood

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– One of the most important is energy saving, which translates into a drastic reduction of electricity, gas, diesel, etc. bills. The difference in energy consumption between a house without insulation and another well insulated with a natural S.A.T.E. system, well hermetically sealed and with an air exchanger is that such consumption can be reduced by up to 90%.

– Another benefit would be the economic savings. In general, homes have two mortgages. The first one is paid to the bank and, although it is sometimes distant, it has an end. On the other hand, the second mortgage, the energy mortgage, is the most important, since it will last as long as the construction and, unfortunately, energy is becoming more and more expensive and unsustainable, to the point that many heaters are not turned on in winter because they cannot bear the high economic cost involved, which directly affects the quality of life of tenants.

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