How do you win a product liability lawsuit?

How do you win a product liability lawsuit?

Damages caused by the employee examples

In this sense, any form of communication carried out by any means of dissemination, massive or not, used by an advertiser in the exercise of its activity, with the purpose of influencing the addressees to contract the good or service being marketed, shall be considered as advertising.

Comparative commercial advertising is understood as that in which explicit or implicit reference is made to a competitor or to the goods or services offered by a competitor in such a way that a comparison is made between the activity, the commercial services, services or establishment of the advertiser or of a third party and those of a third party. The comparison or confrontation may not refer to extremes that are not similar, nor verifiable, nor use incorrect or false indications or assertions, or omit true ones.

In order to determine how relevant or essential an information is, it is necessary to consider the possibility that the omission or, on the contrary, the provision of such information could have changed the consumer’s decision to purchase or not the product or service.

The mayor’s office or municipality is sued.

Product liability lawyers sue companies when they fail to produce properly functioning goods. We all use products every day, but when products do not work properly they can cause serious injury and even wrongful death. Product liability claims can be singular individual claims or part of a class action lawsuit. You can get a free consultation with product liability attorneys.

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Have you, a family member or loved one been injured? We handle many types of injury cases, as well as product liability cases. These product liability cases generally fall into a few categories.

Free consultation for product liability claimsOne minute you are using a product and the next minute it may have caused a serious injury to you or a loved one. We’re here to talk about it now. Get a free consultation.

Damages and damages consumer defense

In this sense, the Supreme Court has determined that the liability of the company arises when it “fails to comply with the duties of watching over the persons and things that are under its dependence and of using due diligence in the choice of servants and in the surveillance of its acts” (click here to access the judgment). Therefore, if it is shown that he has applied due diligence in both of these tasks, he will be exempted from liability.

Similarly, if a person is the victim of malpractice by the staff of a clinic to which he has been referred by his health insurance, the insurer is also liable. This was also stipulated by the high court when it was proven that the insured had gone to the clinic because it was one of the medical centers on their policy. Consequently, the insurance company, together with the nurse who mistakenly administered the medication, had to pay the civil liability compensation (click here to access the judgment).

Liability of the company for acts of its employees colombia

Many times, victims do not know how to obtain the compensation to which they are entitled. However, with a few steps and the necessary legal advice, it is possible to claim justice.

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This is a constitutional obligation of the State that has been ratified, in numerous cases, by the Council of State, the highest judicial authority in administrative litigation. If a victim can prove that the damages he/she suffered were due to an omission or action of the State, he/she may request the payment of damages.

The lawyer must review the available evidence, the documents that must be obtained, the position of the jurisprudence, that is, the decisions of the judges, on cases similar to yours and verify if you are still within the time period provided by law for filing the claim.

In our blog, we have explained some basic concepts on the assessment of damages in this type of cases: to learn more about moral damages, click here and to learn more about damages for violation of constitutionally protected property, click here.

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