Can you get a CCJ without knowing?

Can you get a CCJ without knowing?

How to know if I have a judicial process in spain

The Supreme Court of Justice ruled a few days ago that the responsibility for the release due to expiration of terms cannot always be attributed to the judicial offices. The high court assured that many times extrinsic situations are the cause of the delays in the processes.

The expiration of terms is the expiration of a judicial term when a criminal proceeding is being carried out against an alleged perpetrator. Andrés Acosta Bohórquez, criminal lawyer, defines it as “a sanction given to the administration of justice for not advancing with due diligence the processes against a person who, despite being deprived of his freedom, is still protected by the right of presumption of innocence”.

The criminal process consists of several stages. In the first stage, the Attorney General’s Office receives a complaint and begins to advance its investigative work to decide whether to file or initiate the process. “It begins with a first hearing called formulation of charges, with which the possible convicted person is informed of the investigation and the causes: in this way he/she is linked to the process”, he added.

How do I know if I have liens in Spain?

How do I know if I have a Lien? The only best way is to check the status of your judgments. You can find this information in your virtual judicial office by logging in with your unique password.

How do I know if there is a lawsuit against me?

To access this information in a reliable, effective and above all very economical way, you only have to resort to the electronic bulletin modules of BIL (Buro de Investigaciones Legales, S.A. de C.V.) who have a system capable of consulting our legal history since 1996.

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How to know if a person has legal cases?

How to consult a judicial case

To find out if someone has filed a case against you, you can use the Judicial Management Information System and make a case inquiry through the Internet, from anywhere you are.

How to know if a person has argentine denouncements

Apud acta: Judicial acts that are recorded by minutes attached to the procedure in question (a very frequent example will be the power of attorney by means of appearance of the interested party before the court clerk).

Free Legal Aid: The right of persons lacking sufficient economic means to have the State assume the expenses derived from judicial proceedings (expenses of lawyers, attorneys and other professionals; costs of carrying out tests, etc.).

Attestation: Document issued by the judicial police and containing the finding of a fact, investigations carried out and any other police proceedings aimed at the investigation of a criminal act.

Auto: Reasoned judicial resolution. Form to be adopted by the judicial resolution when deciding on appeals against orders, incidental questions, procedural budgets, nullity of proceedings, i.e., when no sentence is required.

Cassation: Extraordinary appeal filed before the Supreme Court against resolutions or sentences handed down in the Provincial Courts and, in certain cases, in the National Court.

How can I find out how a judicial process is going?

If you want to know if a person has a pending judicial process, you can access a website designed by the Superior Council of the Judiciary to make this process faster. Its name is Consulta de Procesos Nacional Unificada, click here to access.

How do I know if I have outstanding liens?

First you must access the judicial branch web page , and in the options menu locate “CIUDADANOS” and click, then select CONSULTA DE PROCESOS (CONSULTATION OF PROCEEDINGS).

When does a judicial garnishment expire?

As you know the preventive annotation of seizure expires 4 years from the date of the annotation itself, unless it has been extended in which case it will last another 4 years and so on.

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Poder judicial virtual

El Poder Judicial, o sistema de tribunales, es uno de los tres poderes co-iguales pero independientes del gobierno estatal establecido en Nueva Jersey por la constitución estatal de 1947. Los otros dos son el Poder Ejecutivo y el Poder Legislativo.

Esta es una visión general del sistema judicial de Nueva Jersey: su función, cómo funciona y cómo sirve al público y a la sociedad. También se incluyen consejos sobre cómo encontrar una opinión del tribunal, la explicación escrita de la decisión de un tribunal en un caso, en un libro de derecho o en línea.

Para que nuestros tribunales sean justos, los jueces deben ser imparciales, es decir, no pueden favorecer a ninguna de las partes de un caso. El objetivo de nuestros tribunales es proporcionar un trato igualitario a todas las personas, independientemente de su riqueza, posición, raza, género, religión, origen étnico o discapacidad física.

En Nueva Jersey hay varios tipos de tribunales. Entre ellos están el Tribunal Supremo de Nueva Jersey, el Tribunal Superior, que incluye la División de Apelaciones, el Tribunal Fiscal y los Tribunales Municipales.

Los casos relacionados con el derecho penal, civil y de familia se ventilan en el Tribunal Superior. El Tribunal Superior se denomina a veces tribunal de primera instancia porque es donde se celebran los juicios. Hay un Tribunal Superior en cada uno de los 21 condados de Nueva Jersey. Hay aproximadamente 360 jueces de primera instancia del Tribunal Superior en Nueva Jersey.

What happens if a person cannot be notified?


In case of not being able to make sure the notifier, of that it lives, in the designated house, the person that must be notified, it will abstain to practice the notification, and it will make it record to give account to the court, without damage of that it can proceed in the terms of the article 313.

How long does it take to proceed with a lawsuit?

The statute of limitations may vary depending on the claim, in the example of a claim for breach of written contract, the time is up to 4 years to file the claim.

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How do you know if you have a pending case?

Enter the official website of the Judicial Branch ( Look for the “Unified Cases” tab. There you will be able to select the option of criminal cases, and access. You will find a tab RIC-RUT, click on Search for SINGLE ROLL or INTERNAL ROLL.

Consult file by name and surname

Since then, any citizen can access the information when involved in the process. We explain very quickly the requirements to be able to access and how to search a court file.

The regulation of this new procedure is carried out through Law 18/2011, whose implementation made possible the implementation of the Electronic Court File. With it, space has been gained (leaving behind paper files) and agility in the management, in addition to the ability to update in real time, since all professionals involved in the judicial process can include new information at the time.

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