Why are garden offices so expensive?

Mini plants for offices

These are features that have gained prominence after the experience of the confinements and that “have gone from being a plus to something almost essential”, as Francesc Quintana, executive director of the Vivendex real estate network, maintains.

Carlos Smerdou, CEO of Foro Consultores Inmobiliarios, affirms that these new buyer preferences put the focus on new construction. “The pandemic has highlighted the shortcomings of our homes and the need to look for new homes with other expectations: more spacious, more terraces, common areas… And this is something that can be found more in new housing and in areas further away from the city center. This is one of the reasons for the boom in the sale and purchase of newly built homes,” he stresses.

Despite the fact that many people have doubts about whether it is better to buy or rent and when is the best time to buy a property, the experts are clear: now it pays more to buy than to rent and it will be more profitable in the long term to buy in the near future than in 2022 or 2023, taking into account the price increases that are being projected.

How to water Dieffenbachia plant?

Irrigation. Use abundant watering every four days so that the substrate remains moist. However, avoid waterlogging, which can cause root rot. The pot or soil should have good drainage.

What are the plants that last all year round?

Carnationina. If you are looking for direct sun plants that bloom all year round, this is one you might like. Carnation is a plant that can be grown either in the garden or in a pot and has flowers all year round. In addition, the colors of its flowers are bright and cheerful.

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What do plants mean at home?

Plants in the house clean the environment and regulate humidity. Plants expel carbon dioxide at night, but the rest of the day they provide fresh oxygen. In addition, they absorb pollutant gases, improve and purify the air and make the environment a little more humid.

Plants for air-conditioned offices

The proper use of our garden is not only an option, it is more an obligation to meet the particular needs of the inhabitants of the house that need to optimize the space of terrace – garden to get more enjoyment.

The meaning of what is a pergola is based on the architectural structure linked and light. It can be made of different materials such as concrete, aluminum or wood, constituted based on pillars – columns that will support the beams (sleepers).

Although imagination can go very far when it comes to building and manufacturing these architectural elements in our large garden. It is true that regardless of the price, if they are cheaper or more expensive, we can differentiate three main types of pergolas:

Thanks to technological advances and the existing market offer in the different types of pergolas and porches before department stores such as Leroy Merlin, Brikodepot or on the website of Pergomadera, offers us a wide range of different materials.

What happens to a plant that does not receive sunlight?

But both too much and too little light have harmful consequences for plants. Plants that receive insufficient light levels have less vegetative growth, less flowering, become weaker and produce smaller leaves.

How to grow a plant without sun?

The plant cannot germinate without sun. Sun is important for plant growth. Without sun, plants can germinate and grow for a while, but then they weaken and die.

Where to put the plant of abundance at home?

Therefore, they recommend placing abundance plants in the far east and west corners of a house to better eliminate anxieties and negativity.

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Office plants for sale

Choosing plants for the office should be done, in fact, following the same guidelines as if it were for our home. If we are lovers of gardening, we can choose plants that require more care. If, on the other hand, we are those who forget to water, we will always have to opt for more resistant and low-maintenance plants.

This is perhaps one of the aspects that modern offices tend to lack. As most of them are open spaces, only a few workstations usually enjoy it. The lack of light does not mean that we have to give up having plants for the office. Rather, it will force us to look for indoor plants that do not have a high demand for light.

Also called Tiger Tongue. Extremely demanding in terms of sun, but not watering. One a month in winter and two in summer is enough.  Fleshy leaves, can not be subjected to temperatures below 10 degrees. They are slow-growing plants, so it does not hurt to apply a fertilizer for green plants once a month with the arrival of spring.

Where to place a water stick?

Light, temperature and location

You can have it both indoors and outdoors, as long as the sunlight does not hit it directly, since in that case it could burn the leaves. You should place the water stick in an illuminated place so that its vivid colors are maintained and it does not darken or wither.

How to care for a Dieffenbachia plant?

It needs good light but not direct sun that could burn it. The higher the light, the larger the veins on the leaves will be. The leaves should be cleaned at least every 15 days using a damp soft cloth. During the operation, support the leaves with your hand to prevent them from breaking.

How to save a Dieffenbachia?

Dieffenbachia and yellow leaves

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If the yellow leaves are the lower leaves and the soil is wet, it is overwatering. To “save” it, you can remove it from the pot and wrap it with absorbent paper for about 12 hours.

Plants for feng shui office

Yes, we know that indoor plants are ideal to achieve decorations typical of the top houses of our favorite series but, horror! At the slightest change they die, wither or lose that great look with which they came home.

It is very important to adapt the type of plant to the conditions of our house but also to choose those that already have a better adaptability. Do not throw in the towel! Most likely they will die because you are not giving them the care they need.

Houseplants require conditions that, when not provided, make their life very difficult. There are many ways to nurture them but it is best to always pay attention to the following aspects:

Crassula ovata is known as the jade tree because of its fleshy green leaves. It is a succulent plant that requires zero care and can live both indoors and outdoors, in pots or in the ground. Grateful, no, the following. It is practically immortal.