Which Tyres are best for i10?

Which Tyres are best for i10?

Tires hyundai i10 price

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Which Rhine is the i10?

Rin 14 Spark, Beat, Aveo and Grand I10.

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What engine does the Hyundai i10 have?

The Hyundai i10 is powered by two three-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline engines: a 3-cylinder 1.0 MPi with 67 hp and 96 Nm of torque, as well as a 4-cylinder 1.2 MPi with 84 hp and 118 Nm.

How does the 2012 Hyundai i10 perform?

This Hyundai also joins the efficient fashion and its 85 hp 1.2 engine meets the Euro V standard with only 108 g/km of emissions. … It weighs only 985 kilograms, which makes it more agile. In fact, its acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 11.8 seconds is among the best in its class.


In this guide, we will focus on a problem that can put you at risk. And yes, in case you’re feeling road grip problems in your hyundai i10, it’s critical that you drive safely and get it fixed as soon as possible. Our editorial team has written this page precisely to enable you to process them. To do this, firstly, we will quickly look at what are the main parts of your car that will ensure optimal road holding, secondly, why does your hyundai i10 no longer hold the road? And finally, how to fix your grip problems.

Now we will tackle the part that probably interests you the most, namely, Why is my hyundai i10 having road holding problems? As we mentioned earlier, a good number of elements are taken into account for your vehicle to have a good grip, however few of them are worn out, the vast majority are intrinsic. When the vehicle is manufactured, we will immediately identify those that can affect its handling and for what reasons:

What engine does the 2013 i10 have?

1.25 MPI: Four-cylinder, with a power of 87 hp and torque of 120 Nm. Consumes 4.9 liters with manual gearbox (standard) and 6.2 liters with automatic transmission.

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How tall is the Hyundai Grand i10?

It measures 3.67 meters long and offers a wheelbase of 2.42 meters. This wheelbase does not provide a great habitability but considering the segment it covers and the daily use of the model, it is more than enough. Its track width is quite good with almost 1.47 meters at the front and almost 1.48 meters at the rear.

What engine does the 2021 i10 have?

Its urban focus is reflected in a new 1.2-liter four-cylinder block, capable of generating 83 hp and 84 lb-ft. It is not the same engine as the previous generation – the displacement changes slightly – and loses 3 hp and 4 lb-ft for better fuel efficiency.

Wheel size for 2013 i10

Aerodynamically sculpted exterior mirror is decorated with LED turn signals for enhanced appearance and safety. The power-adjustable folding mirror offers a great combination of comfort and convenience.

It’s also the attention to detail that makes the new Grand i10 sedan so special. Discover an exceptional level of comfort with a selection of high-quality materials for a refined, premium feel throughout.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) prevents skidding and retains the car’s steering ability on slippery surfaces, also allows for stable braking and restricts wheel lock-up during panic braking

How is the Hyundai i10?

As for its dynamics, the Hyundai i10 is a car that “steps” very well, one of the best in its category. I found the steering adjustment to be good, within the possibilities offered by a city car, and there is no annoying swaying in the curves that these models suffered from years ago.

How many kilometers per liter does a Hyundai i10 deliver?

And speaking of fuel consumption, our Hyundai i10 recorded a total average of 6.4 l/100 km, on a completely mixed route.

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How good is the 2013 Hyundai i10?

Its strong points are a good interior space, something remarkable since its size is very small. To this must be added a remarkable trunk and reasonable qualities. On the other hand, the performance of its engines is somewhat fair, the equipment is short and the range is limited compared to other rivals.

Wheels for hyundai i10 2012

The interior of this city car features good quality plastics and a very attractive color combination, in this case brick and black, a hue that covers both door covers and center console and, of course, seats.

We want to take advantage of the fact that the 2018 Hyundai Grand i10 is in our garage to solve specific doubts you may have about this model and know what you would like to read in the test drive, which we will publish soon. The comments section remains open.