What is the least expensive pool design?

How to build a swimming pool from start to finish

Of course, one of the first parameters to address when choosing a swimming pool is the budget you plan to allocate to the project and to know the future use… There are 3 types of swimming pools: in-ground, semi-embedded and above-ground pools.

Like the in-ground pool, the half-embedded pool is solid and appreciated for its aesthetics. It also involves certain administrative formalities and brings a higher real estate value to your land. As its name indicates, the “half-embedded” pool has an above ground part and an in-ground part. This type of pool is recommended for difficult terrains, integrating itself at a lower cost on a sloping or uneven terrain.

There are different types of pools at all prices, adapted to each use and each terrain. Thus, your choice will have to take into account both the aesthetics which form will integrate better in your living space, landscape… and the benefits that such or such form will bring you swimming, relaxation, games, aquabike…

What is the most economical pool?

Inflatable pools

This is the most economical option of all. Based on a single piece, with this option it is enough to inflate the pool and fill it with water to be able to enjoy it.

Which is cheaper, an in-ground or prefabricated pool?

Approximate cost of a prefabricated pool

Precisely, the installation of prefabricated pools and the price are two of the most interesting advantages. Without going any further, and depending on the model, this type of pools can be 10 – 20 % cheaper than the swimming pools of work.

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How much does it cost to build an aboveground pool?

Aboveground pools

The average price for the construction of a swimming pool is between 10,000 and 19,000 euros. To this must be added the cost of the building permit, which is around 1,000 euros, and the construction of the pool, which will cost about 800 euros.

Prefabricated swimming pools prices

Precisely, the installation of prefabricated pools and the price are two of the most interesting advantages. Without going any further, and depending on the model, this type of pools can be 10 – 20 % cheaper than the swimming pools of work.

The installation of prefabricated pools is much faster than the installation of an on-site pool. This is because, in reality, the pool is already built at home, so this installation is also cleaner and more practical. The client will not suffer the typical inconveniences that are produced when having works at home.

As with the installation process, the maintenance of a prefabricated pool is simpler and cheaper than with other pools. Just a regular cleaning process will be enough to enjoy a pool as good as new, without using special products.

The maintenance of the prefabricated pools will focus especially on the purifier and the conservation of the water. However, if you want to avoid even minimal maintenance, you can opt for a prefabricated removable pool to be removed after the summer season has passed.

How much does it cost to build a 6×3 pool?

A small swimming pool of 6×3 m can have a price of 12,000 €. The initial price must include municipal taxes (which can be around 1,000 €) and maintenance costs of about 600 € per year.

What is the best type of pool?

Wooden pools: They are the pools that offer the highest quality, resistance and durability within above ground pools. In addition, they offer a much better visual appearance than any plastic or steel.

Which is better: in-ground or polyester pool?

Advantages. They are more economical than those of work, usually depending on the model can be between 20% and 30% cheaper. They are easier and faster to install. For example, for a pool of 8×4 m, the polyester one would be installed in about 3/4 days and the one of work would take 5/6 days minimum.

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Swimming pool construction prices

In-ground or semi in-ground pools are a type of removable pool that is built in the ground through excavation. Normally, the budget for in-ground pools includes the pool shell (usually made of polyester), transportation, excavation of the ground, installation of accessories and cleaning system, and filling of the pool. An in-ground polyester pool of 5 x 2.50 m can cost around 10,000 euros.

Salt chlorinated pools are saltwater pools in which salt replaces the chemicals used for cleaning and disinfection. The effects of chlorine on the skin and eyes are avoided, and this type of pool is more environmentally friendly. There are also more and more models of salt chlorinators on the market. The construction of a 6 x 3 m saltwater pool with teak liner can cost around 12,000 euros.

With prefabricated pools, the shape and fittings are already prepared at the factory and only a hole needs to be dug to install them. Once installed in the hole, the liner is placed and the electrical and water connections are made. This is a more economical option than working pools (they cost about 30% less), but they cannot be customized.

How long can a polyester pool last?

In painting also, because a swimming pool of work you have to paint it every two or every three years. On the other hand, a polyester pool keeps its paint finish for 14 or 15 years.

Which is better: polyester or concrete pool?

Concrete pools have a great durability, greater than in the case of prefabricated pools. In the case of the latter you will have to give great importance to the type of materials with which it is made if you want your pool to be durable.

How much does it cost to drill a hole for a swimming pool?

On average, an excavation for a 4 x 5 x 1.5 m swimming pool is around 700 €. If the excavation of an 8 x 4 x 4 x 2 m in-ground pool is to be done, the cost is around 1,600 €. The average price of the excavation of a pool of 8 x 4 x 2 m, including project and execution, is around 2,600 €.

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How to build a small and cheap swimming pool

If you want to get a tighter figure, it is best to request a quote to build a pool with the features that interest you. Although below you can see an example of a budget to build a pool.

Swimming pool construction companies are usually very busy in spring, as they are hired by those clients who want to prepare their houses for the summer. These same companies are completely overwhelmed in the summer, when people are desperately looking for a pool.

As for the orientation of the pool, it should be located in an area where there is full sun exposure. If you build the pool in the shade, the water temperature will always be lower and it can be cold even in summer.

On the other hand, it is advisable that the pool is facing south and that it is located away from trees to prevent it from getting dirty with falling leaves. It is also advisable to build it close to water and electricity connections.