What can I do in London today?

What can I do in London today?

London Natural Attractions

The British capital is a huge city that offers plenty of activities.  If you want to know what to do in London, in this post you will find a few activities and the main places you should visit on your trip to one of the most famous cities in the world, and we are sure that many times you will find it difficult to know what to do in London and decide on some things or others. The best 100 plans of the moment.As there are so many things to do in London we are going to propose you a list so you can decide more easily which ones you do not want to miss and which ones you are almost sure you want to do in London.In this post you will find…What to do in London: What things to do to enjoy in London today?in this section we tell you about the things or plans that you can do in London related to the main attractions of the city. Some of these plans are the most traditional, others are more alternative.

Cutty SarkDifferent Alternative Plans What to do in London: Streets, Squares, Neighborhoods and AreasWhen we think of things to do today in London, walking around the city to know all its corners is something that usually comes to mind. All the neighborhoods present you with must-do things to do in London, so we are going to tell you the most important ones.

What is the most important thing about London?

The Palace of Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament, is a Victorian building that houses the British Houses of Parliament. Chosen as the venue for royal coronations, Westminster Abbey is the most famous and oldest temple in London.

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What is the traditional dish of London?

Fish and chips: Fish -usually hake- battered and fried accompanied by french fries. It is the most typical dish in London. Roast beef: Grilled beef. Steak and kidney pie: Pie stuffed with beef and kidneys.

What is the country of London?

England and Northwest Europe: London, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Fun activities in London

Free tour of Notting Hill19. Hyde ParkThe largest park in central London and perhaps the most iconic is Hyde Park. On a sunny day during your 4 days in London, it is best to do as the Londoners do and grab a snack or a coffee and then sit on the grass of this park.Hyde Park is more than just a park, during its history it has been the scene of many important concerts and demonstrations. If you can visit the park on a Sunday, head to the northeast corner where the Speakers’ Corner is where people make speeches about politics and religion.20. Kensington Garden Next to Hyde Park is another beautiful green space, the Kensington Garden. Apart from being a quiet and picturesque park, in Kensington Garden you will find several points of interest to visit in London, such as Kensington Palace, the statue of Peter Pan or the Memorial to remember Princess Diana.

What is the most interesting thing to see in London?

St James’s Park: located near Buckingham Palace is one of the Royal Parks of London and the most beautiful of the city. Regent’s Park: another of the perfect parks to stroll in which stand out its lakes and in spring, its beautiful Rose Garden.

Where is there a famous cathedral in London?

St. Paul’s Cathedral (in English, Saint Paul’s Cathedral) is the Anglican cathedral of London, seat of the diocese and the Bishop of London, belonging to the so-called Church of England. It is located on Ludgate Hill, the highest point of the city.

What is the name of the London Ferris wheel?

The London Eye is the fourth tallest structure in London. It is 135 m high, the same height as 64 red telephone boxes placed one on top of the other. The circumference of the wheel is 424 m, which is equivalent to 201 telephone boxes.

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Hotels in london

Visit London, enjoy the city’s fantastic sights and events and make the most of the fabulous multitude of things to do in London. Whether you’re a first-time visitor to the capital or have visited many times, you’ll discover a wealth of things to see in London, from iconic London tourist attractions to unusual ideas for your London travel days.

You could also lose yourself in the wonders of London’s museums, savor some delicious traditional dishes and see London’s sights from a new perspective with one of the many London tours.

18. Walk the Thames Path on the South Bank and see some of London’s top sights: from the Houses of Parliament to Tower Bridge. You can also go beyond the city center to Kew or Hampton Court Palace in West London.

63. Check the opening hours of the Barbican, National Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts and many other museums and galleries for late night openings to enjoy special talks, DJs, food and drinks.

How many days are necessary to get to know London?

The ideal is to spend between 5 and 7 days in the city. While it is true that any extra time you add will be well received, with a week you will have enough to visit it thoroughly and to get out of those tourist places that, although necessary and spectacular, are not all that exists in the capital.

How many days do I have to stay in Paris?

How many days are needed to visit Paris? Four days minimum to visit Paris. This is one of the great European capitals and you will always lack time to see and do all the things you want to do in Paris. I recommend that you dedicate at least 2 days to the city center.

What is the most popular food in England?

Fish and Chips: It is undoubtedly the best known dish, the most typical food in England in the eyes of foreigners. It is fish (cod, hake or haddock) with chips seasoned with salt and vinegar. It is traditional in the port of Whitby in Yorkshire.

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The best of London

You can take advantage of the fact that the entrance to one of the oldest museums in the world is free. It is good to go with time, as it has many rooms that are worth visiting, including the Ancient Egypt.

You can cross this drawbridge over the River Thames, one of the most representative monuments of London. You can also go up to the exhibition that includes a glass walkway with incredible views, but in that case you will have to pay an entrance fee (more info. on the Tower Bridge page).

In its streets coexist various stores, bars, nightclubs, the Criterion Theatre, the London Pavilion and other places of interest, in addition to the famous neon signs that at night give it its particular identity.

The visit to this cultural center, which is one of the largest in Europe, is another of the free activities we can find in London. It is in the center and has a very interesting agenda.

To walk through this garden full of roses (especially in June) located in “Chester Rd”. There is also a lake, open air theater and a zoo.    This is one of the many Parks and Gardens in London that you can visit for free.