Is Sri Lanka expensive for tourists?

Is Sri Lanka expensive for tourists?

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These two coastal towns located in the Matara district of southern Sri Lanka are noted for having some of the best beaches in the area and also for offering a wealth of activities for tourists, both have bus or train stations that facilitate the arrival of visitors and are located about 150 kilometers away from Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka.  They have supermarkets, tourist agencies, restaurants with all the characteristics, economic hostels and boutique hotels, local markets and very calm zones to know or to explore. Its main attractions are: 4. Getting around by Tuc Tuc (Car)

Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, is a must-see city for many tourists coming from other countries around the world, many visitors try to avoid it to reach quieter areas but this city has a lot of interesting things to offer. Train and bus station, huge modern buildings, meditation centers, beaches in front of the city center, colonial museums, mosques, very interesting Buddhist temples. It is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka and where a lot of things happen.The capital of Sri Lanka can be explored in a couple of days, but you can not miss:15.  Beaches of Negombo

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Sri Lankan cities are not the first thing we think of when we imagine Ceylon. The pearl of the Indian Ocean is mainly known for its temples, train rides, ruins, beaches and lush nature.

We cannot understand tourism in Sri Lanka without talking about some of these cities. Places that offer temples, markets, beaches and monuments. Towns where we can mingle with the local population and learn more about their customs and cuisine.

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We are going to talk about 5 cities in Sri Lanka located in the western, central and southern provinces, which are the most visited. 5 cities that will make you want to take a flight to this incredible place more than ever.

These cities also share the best time to visit Sri Lanka, compared to those located in the northern and eastern provinces. Therefore, we can see all of them in the same trip, as well as others like Harabana, next to the Minneriya National Park, which we do not include because it is not very interesting for tourists, but it is an ideal starting point for a Sri Lanka with safari.

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Halfway between Mirissa and Galle, two of the most touristic places in Sri Lanka, lies an oasis ideal for reconnecting with the local Sri Lankan people. Draped with palm trees and wandering boats, Koggala Lake offers travelers the chance to meet cinnamon farmers, raft through lush mangroves, spot turtles on nearby beaches or enjoy the experiences offered by magical ecolodges such as Tri Lanka.

Just 20 km from Colombo is Mathurajawela, a set of mangroves considered of great biological importance that encompasses up to 102 species of birds. A natural spectacle that is the best way to approach the local population, or to see exuberant blue birds camouflaged among the superlative green of the place with the highest salinity of all Sri Lanka.

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If you are looking for tips for traveling to Sri Lanka you are in the right place. I was traveling around Sri Lanka during the 30 days visa period and I can’t wait to set foot in this beautiful country again. Sri Lanka, the teardrop-shaped country in the Indian Ocean, was a real surprise.

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Here is all the information you need to visit Sri Lanka on your own. Remember that you can jump from one side to the other in the index or just read the whole article and soak up all the info.

Sri Lanka is an independent island in the Indian Ocean, just south east of India and north of Maldives. Many people combine a trip to Sri Lanka and an all inclusive package to Maldives. It’s a very good idea. I did the trip in reverse. I went to Maldives first and then to Sri Lanka. And I think it’s better to do Sri Lanka first, and then Maldives, because then you can relax at the end.

If you look on the map, you will see that Sri Lanka is the teardrop-shaped island south east of India, that’s why it is also known as the teardrop of India. Until 1972, Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon. Today some people still call it Angitua Ceylon, but its official name is Sri Lanka.

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