Is it cheaper to buy or build shelves?

Is it cheaper to buy or build shelves?

How to make wooden shelves for businesses

We will try to build a wooden shelf with materials that we have at home and other cheap ones that we will have to buy in any hardware store near home or in a Chinese store where they sell everything. We will go from the most important to the least important.

To make wooden shelves for stores, wooden shelves for kiosks and warehouses. The main thing is to understand that this piece of furniture will have the purpose of displaying products that have to be sold, it is a business, therefore the aesthetics and finishes of the shelf should be treated in detail. We will show you 2 types of shelves for your business, one anchored to the wall and the other standing.

This type of shelving can be of many different shapes, divisions and shelves. However in the video below we will tell you how the basic process is, and then you can make the modifications you want.

To make floating wood shelves with invisible brackets, you must take into account that the weight they support is not as much as an equivalent shelf with angles. It is very easy to make, you only need wooden shelves that are not so thin, to be able to place the invisible anchoring system.

Ideas of shelves for business

The storage room is that corner that belongs to the house, but is nothing like it. We have the bad habit of using the storage room as a junk drawer: when we don’t know where to put something or when we don’t use it every day, where does it end up? In the storage room. We must banish this routine: the storage needs in the houses are increasing and it is inevitable to play with the spaces offered by the storage room. It is the best option to avoid filling our rooms with objects of sporadic use.

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It is important to see the enormous possibilities that this place offers. First of all, you have to define the use you want to give to your storage room and what kind of objects you are going to keep in it. In this way, you can choose the type of shelves, cabinets and accessories that suit you best.

One of the main protagonists of the organization in the storage room are the shelves for storage. Before choosing the best option, you must take into account the type of load they will support to withstand the weight and that objects are kept in perfect condition.

Wood for easy shelves

The economical shelves that we offer on our website are functional, original and practical, perfect for dividing spaces and creating environments. Their zig zag or pyramid shapes make them very attractive and modern. Its visual lightness will help us to let the light reach more corners of the home and the spaces breathe better and do not give a closed feeling.

In the living room, dining room, office, kitchen and even in the bedroom. Everywhere there is room for a shelf. If there is a multipurpose element in the decoration of a house, those are the shelves. In addition to making our lives easier by being the place to place books, boxes, ornaments, kitchen utensils, etc., they impregnate your style wherever we put it.

If we are going to use the shelf to store books, it is advisable to buy a sturdy shelf, with a back part and fastened to the wall as well as to the floor.  If, on the other hand, the shelf is intended to separate environments or as a decorative element, we can choose lighter materials, without back and even with wheels.  A bookcase without a back to separate the different rooms of a living room or an office is a great solution.  The separation of spaces will be clear, although we will not hinder the entry of natural light.

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How to make minecraft shelves

Some of the shelves I would like to span quite wide. For example, 2 meters, and be quite deep (say 50 cm). For aesthetic reasons, I would like them to be supported only at the back and at each end, avoiding large brackets or similar under the shelves as much as possible.

What construction methods, other than using a single piece of thicker, stronger material, can I use to improve the distance a shelf can travel before it deflects too far or collapses? What are the limits (span, depth, load) of these different construction methods?

I would use plywood with a thicker piece of hardwood glued to the front edge. This gives you very good strength. Here is an online calculator I use to find what type of materials you can use and the amount of sag you will have. Here is a good quote from the author of the site.

For a more in-depth beam deflection calculator with different loads and support methods, try:… However, you may need a little engineering expertise. This website is a bit easier to use, but does not have an automatic calculator:

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