How much does a small wedding in Cyprus cost?

How much does a small wedding in Cyprus cost?

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A beach wedding in the Algarve is beautiful when it is well organized. At Dream Weddings International we are fluent in Portuguese and have a lot of experience in organizing beach events in Portugal, so put your wedding planning in our hands!

What is often forgotten is that the wedding decorations, especially the beach altar, need to be well anchored. The wind often picks up and has more strength than you think. Such decoration can easily fall down. Therefore, our superstructures are secured on two sides with iron wires that are fastened to the beach floor with tent anchors. We recommend that the wedding party discuss shoes and clothing beforehand and that this is clearly stated on the invitation.

If you wish to celebrate alone with your newlywed couple, we can also arrange an elegant candlelight dinner on the beach. We also place this private event near a restaurant on the beach so that the food stays warm and there is a waiter nearby. Let us know your wishes, we will be happy to arrange your own individual beach decorations.


Cyprus is a purely Mediterranean island whose rich and complex culture has Turkish and mainly Greek influences. Our visit took place in summer, a time when the island is overrun by tourists, especially Russians and British.

Despite the fact that it was totally dark, the cab driver went out of his way to explain the sights we were leaving behind. “To your left is the Salt Lake, where you can see some flamingos”- he indicated.

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The initial impression of Larnaca was not very positive, as we entered the city through several dark alleys and houses in a state of semi-abandonment. However, the cab driver was quick to clarify the reason: “Most of these houses belonged to Turks who lived here before the invasion of Turkey in 1974. After that, they had to abandon them and move to the north. Now, no one lives in most of them because there are very few Turks in Larnaca now,” he explained.

We had lunch on the seafront, at the Tuck Inn Restaurant, although the choice was not easy due to the wide range of bars and restaurants. We paid 18 € for two souvlakis and as many drinks, in addition to being kindly presented with two slices of melon and watermelon as well as a Cypriot coffee as a welcome gift.

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Limassol is the largest coastal city in Cyprus, and is home to the country’s most important port. This characteristic has made it a popular destination for cruise passengers. These disembark at what is known as the ʼNew Harbourʼ, located 5 kilometers southwest of the historic center.

Today this is where the city’s marina is established. You will find all kinds of boats, although the ones you will see most frequently are the luxury yachts. These form a curious contrast to the more traditional area of the city, which surrounds it.

Located in the historic center of the city. It offers much more than you can imagine inside. It houses a large collection of pottery and other historical objects from Neolithic to Chalcolithic times.

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Located very close to the old port of the town. This monumental fortification dates from the 12th century, and has been closely linked to the English monarchy. This castle was the chosen setting for the wedding of King Richard the Lionheart and Berengaria of Navarre. In addition, it also hosted the coronation of the Queen of England in 1191.


The Templar Archive was located on this island, in the town of Lémesos until its transfer in 1191. The island also had the location of a Fragments of Eden until 1488 when it was recovered by the Templars and sent to Italy. The most important cities are Lémesos and Kyrenia.

In the middle of the Third Crusade, Commeno was overthrown by King Richard I of England who used it for his war with the Saracens until finally the Templars convinced him to buy the island so that he would not discover the Archive for a miserable price.

Streets in Cyprus The Templars took over the island as a headquarters. Once this was done, they began to rule harsh and arbitrary laws to the civilian population, this caused the inhabitants to lock themselves in their homes to break these laws leaving Lemenos and Kyrenia almost deserted and with more Templar patrols than civilians.

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