Does Santander have a budgeting app?

How to return the money from my santander goals

But how to distinguish the wheat from the chaff? Rubén Sánchez, spokesman for FACUA-Consumers in Action, says that the first step would be “to investigate in depth, for example by consulting opinions on Internet forums&rdquor. In other words, look at what other consumers have to say.

We also need to look at the description of services. For example, expense aggregation and control apps would in principle fall into the first typology described by the OCU. “Historically, pencil and paper in hand were used to detail income and expenses in two columns. These apps make this work easier for the user&rdquor, describes Juan José Pintado, professor of Savings at the UDIMA.

Normally “the basic versions are free applications&rdquor,” says Pintado. Although in cases such as Walletapp, Spendee or Money Pro, unlocking most of the utilities means having to pay cash.

Santander separar dinero

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Santander 2020 Savings Account

It’s not your ideal choice if… you need to keep money saved away from your checking account to make sure you won’t use it in a moment of weakness. Nor if what you are looking for is not so much savings segmentation as formulas that help you understand how you spend your money to reduce spending.

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CaixaBank’s app and website offer a sort of “Fintonic” -being a pioneer has helped it achieve a certain level of metonymy- with a detailed analysis of financial spending and a platform for managing upcoming bills and, well, having our entire economy, past and future, at our fingertips. Cornerstone of a saver’s attitude.

It is not just a tool, but Money Plan has its own application that also works in the Fintonic style, with aggregated information from other banks if we also have accounts outside Santander. It allows us to establish savings criteria (similar to ING’s piggy banks) and manage budgets, also taking into account the balances of the other banks with which we have an account.

My santander goals generate returns

Savings and financial planning applications are tools that make it easier to keep personal accounts in order and manage savings efficiently. A big step from those heavy Excel spreadsheets that require taking notes of all transactions, which are so time-consuming and in which we always end up forgetting something. Nowadays, with mobile apps, you can control all the transactions of different banking entities on a single screen and, in addition, most of them are free and totally secure. These are the 10 best rated:

1Money. You can add transactions, make budgets and exchange currencies. It automatically generates reports that show where the money spent is going and how our savings account has grown – or not – over the weeks. Data can be synchronized in the cloud so it can be accessed from anywhere and through any device. Available for Android.

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Mint. One of the most valued. It connects all bank accounts, tracks expenses, analyzes consumption habits and gives recommendations to reduce them. Through this application it is possible to set monthly goals and savings, as well as schedule reminders for future payments. It generates graphs on the evolution of our personal economy by periods to see them from a comparative and conscious perspective at all times. Available for Android and IOS.