Are cheap Chinese tires good?

Are cheap Chinese tires good?

Chinese tire brands in Mexico

Surely you have ever gone to the garage and tried to fit the cheapest tires on your car, without reflecting on the reason for their price. The drop in sales of traditional brands such as Pirelli or Goodyear coincides with the huge increase in sales of Chinese tires, which account for 45% of tire imports from Europe.

Whenever Chinese tires are submitted to comparative tests the results are quite bad, while the difference in performance does not stand out too much for dry performance, when the road surface is wet the response of the Chinese tires worsens enormously.

In tests carried out between one of Bridgestone’s tires and another from Hifly, one of the best-selling Chinese brands, we found that for emergency braking on wet asphalt, the stopping distance needed to stop the car with the Chinese tires is 9 meters more than with the Bridgestone tires. In the wet driving tests, the loss of steering feel and stability in the car has also been highlighted, this is aggravated in older models that do not have systems such as ESP and are the main users of these tires.

What is the best Chinese tire?

Goodride tires belong to the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company, which is dedicated to the production of rubber goods. Its importance is such that it is in fact the first tire producer in China. Founded in 1958, they have put all their efforts in creating quality tires adapted to all budgets.

How are the Westlake tires?

Westlake RP18 – SA37 tires provide comfortable and safe handling on both wet and dry surfaces. They guarantee a smooth ride thanks to their modern, high-tech design.

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How good is the Sunny brand?

It is very remarkable the quality of its manufacturing, which reaches the best standards of the European market. Sunny tires are characterized by an elegant design and a very low noise level, which provides greater comfort. Quality, excellence, safety and a great design stand out in this brand.

Ranking of Chinese tires 2020

Many times people talk down on tire models coming from this corner of the world when, in fact, for many drivers they are the best option. So that you can learn a little more about them and, in addition, break any possible prejudices you may have, we are going to make you a ranking of Chinese tires.

We are going to tell you the top three brands that are the most popular among drivers, but not before reminding you that, regardless of the origin, tires have a label that you have to check their characteristics. In terms of performance, a C-rated model will not be the same as an A-rated model, and neither will the cost. These are issues to be assessed wherever the tires come from and the most reliable way to judge them.

It is also necessary to remember that Chinese tires are not fake tires. It has nothing to do with one thing with the other and, extended from other fields of life, it has come to be thought so. In fact, we invite you to learn more details about fake tires so that you know how to identify them.

How are the Chinese tires?

Defects and virtues of Chinese tires

He also points out among their virtues that they have a “relatively high resistance”. On the downside, the safety, reliability and performance tests place them below all European and other Asian manufacturers.

Who manufactures Nereus tires?

Dongguan Alpha Industrial Co., Ltd.

Who manufactures the Antares tire?

The Antares Tires brand is one of the largest marketers of Chinese tires worldwide. It is a wholly owned sub-brand of Horizon Tires, which markets a line of passenger, winter and UHP tires for passenger and off-road cars, SUVs and light trucks.

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Good Chinese tires

In these times in which saving money is almost our top priority when it comes to consumption, at Motorpasión we ask ourselves how far this eagerness to spend the minimum can go and if, given the case, we are willing to put our safety at risk in order to save a few euros. We are talking about the moment when we have to decide which tires to fit on our car.

You only have to surf the Internet for a few minutes to find hundreds of complaints from users who one day decided to mount those tires with an unpronounceable name, 50% cheaper than those of renowned brands, with which they later had all kinds of problems, including accidents due to the poor grip they offer.

Brands such as Wanli, Ling Long, West Lake, Goodride, Austone or Nankang (originally Chinese, now based in Taiwan and production in China), are some of the best known, but it is estimated that there are around 300 Asian manufacturers of “low cost” tires that export to Europe. The easiest way to get them is through the Internet, although some are also sold in large supermarkets or specialized workshops.

Who manufactures the Trazano wheel?

Whether summer or winter tires: Trazano, Delticom’s new exclusive brand, offers you the ideal tires for all weather conditions and for virtually all customer vehicles.

Who manufactures Westlake tires?

WESTLAKE TIRES. Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. (ZC Rubber), headquartered in Hangzhou, China, is among the world’s top 10 tire manufacturers, with four subsidiaries ZC Europe, ZC America, ZC Brazil and ZC Thailand to expand the global market.

Where are Westlake tires manufactured?

Westlake tires, although manufactured at the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company plant in China, are sold throughout the United States and Canada.

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Ranking of Chinese tires 2021

The range of possibilities when it comes to choosing new tires for your car is enormous. However, if you find that you’re on a tight budget, but have to change wheels, the options are much fewer.

We have invented this brand of tires (“Neumáticos Lo Bastante”) to tell you, without mincing words, about cheap tires. We will talk about which Lo Bastante tires are cheap enough, good enough, dangerous enough and reliable enough. We want you to know enough to make the right choice.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably read a few articles and posts on the subject before. But in this one, we’re going to come clean and limit ourselves to 2 kinds of cheap tires: Chinese Low Cost Tires VS Retreaded Tires.

This article has 3 protagonists, a supporting actor and a plot, necessarily quite open-ended: buying new tires. Our supporting actor is not a sinister guy who doesn’t quite shine, nor is he a loyal friend of the protagonist. He is the tire salesman, and sometimes he appears as the head of a local garage and sometimes as an online platform. But the real protagonists are The Buyer, The Manufacturer and The Tire. A tire we need to be cheap.